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Moved sunday's raid to Monday due to easter
Nice that you didn't got hit by truck after all Shiftie.
About time! :)
Thanks for the fixes Shift :) Nice to see you again!
I am approved!
I will be gone for about a week, still logged on but not as much...
I'll be a wee bit late.
EARTH HOUR!!! 20:30-21:30. Turn of your lights and raid in the dark. :)
I got dc'd and now the game wont let me in. It suggests me to choose a realm, but gets stuck, so I might be out.
Wont be able to join in on rp tonight. or any activity for that matter. Took my first allergy meds this evening and I'm falling asleep since they are red triangle meds. *snores*
Welcome to Seven Lamps (Alliance) / Seven Torches (Horde)
A Social guild with a good number of experienced fun Loving players. (RP.PVE.PVP)
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Visit Learn 2 Raid  regularly for the latest raid info and strategies. We expect raiders to be prepared and familiar with boss encounters and the methods  explained here.
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New Patch!

Shiftalots, Mar 17, 13 2:53 PM.
The wait is over! Mist of pandaria's latest Patch is here!. Seven Lamps perks and social environment guarantees the peace of mind you need to explore whichever aspect of the game you enjoy most.
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